9mm Walther P99 pistol
9mm Walther P99 pistol

9mm Walther P99 pistol

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9mm Walther P99 pistol

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The successful and successful P99 series was developed in joint with tech nical experts from the security forces. The result is an advanced product line, designed for use with modern police tactics. The P99 series offers the law enforcement professional a number of special features and various trigger types to meet the needs of the police. The line includes full-size and compact models for uniform and concealed use.


Model: P99AS
Caliber: 9mm
Barrel Length: 4 "
Dimensions, Length / Height / Width: 7.1 "/5.3" /1.3 "
Weight: 21.2 oz.
Sights: 3 adjustable points.
magazine capacity: 15 shots (LE)
Trigger: Double action total
trigger pressure: 11 lbs./5 lbs.

The P99 series is the only hammer pistol that offers three trigger options:

- P99 AS Anti-Stress: Double action and single action mode with the advanced feature of the anti-stress trigger that contracts after firing.

- P99 DAO Solo Double Action: The firing pin is at rest and not pre-armed for a long and constant travel of the diaprador. The travel and weight of the trigger is constant from the first to the last shot.

- P99 QA Quick-Action: The partially pre-set pre-set provides a slight and short travel of the trigger. This variation is a favorite of many police shooters and tactical units.

Thrown firing pin percussion with many advantages:

- No external hammer to catch on clothing or other object when removed from the holster.
- No external parts that can be damaged in an accidental fall.
- Few pieces to reduce weight and size.
- Modular design for easier maintenance.
- Quick repositioning of the trigger for more speed in the shot.
- Easy disassembly without the need for tools.
- No external safety for faster handling.

Compact Versions: All trigger mechanisms are also available in the compact version P99. The compact has all the features and options of the full-size pistol. A fire control system that reduces training costs for security forces.

Use: Left-handed and die shooters will appreciate the P99's ambidextrous controls. The slide, magazine and magazine key can be easily o external speaker ted by all shooters, without the need to reposition the pistol back into its frame.

Quality: A special Tenifer finish is applied to all external parts to provide an extremely hard and durable surface that is resistant to wear and tear and corrosion.

Maximum Safety: Every P99 is inspected and approved to ensure that it meets the rigid standards set by the German police. The quality will gen Daria Walther and numerous safety s designed within each P99 management ensure safety and reliable user in any situation.

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