GripZ DAA Cream
GripZ DAA Cream

GripZ DAA Cream

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GripZ DAA Cream
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Preventing slippage in your grip is of the utmost importance for accurate high-speed shooting. A grip-enhancing lotion is one of the best ways to achieve that non-slip, without the need to apply excessive force to the grip.
Especially in humid conditions or in extreme heat conditions, sweaty palms can really affect your performance. But with a few drops of the new GRIPZ by DAA, applied just before shooting, your palms stay dry and your grip is safety .
GRIPZ by DAA is a grip enhancer designed by shooters for shooters. Supplied in a plastic bottle with a practical "Snap-cap" type closure, which guarantees a good seal and quick, easy and one-handed access when necessary.
GRIPZ does not dry as white in color as other products, and it won't rub off as easily on your clothing and pistol grip. It will be more cleaning io to use than other prominent grip enhancers popular in our sport.
It is a silica-based grip lotion, diluted with alcohol and stabilizers for maximum performance and longevity.
Each bottle contains 75 ml.
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