Die 38 super Dillon

Die 38 super Dillon

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Die 38 super Dillon

The die s are the essential elements when carrying out the reloading process. Each performs a specific function as Disem primer ar, dosing the powder, seat the projectile or crimping. This set includes three die basic s and required to perform this process: Die DESEM primer Ador / sizer , die settlement of the projectile and die crimp.

In the photograph, two rings can be seen in the upper part of the die for the projectile and the crimper. By pulling the ring, part of the die can be extracted to facilitate cleaning interior. In this way we avoid disassembling the complete die with the consequent loss of time in adjusting it again. Now we can cleaning iar, place it in its place and insert the ring again, leaving it in its original position.

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