Die micromatic bullet 9mm / P Redding
Die micromatic bullet 9mm / P Redding

Die micromatic bullet 9mm / P Redding

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Die 9 micrometric / bullet Redding

Redding has designed a specific projectile placement system for the correct alignment of the bullet with the case . This design has eliminated the concentricity problems inherent in all die of this type. The bullet guide in the form of seats is so precise that the seat can actually be shown to "float" on a column of air.

The micrometric adjustment simplifies adjusting and registering the depth of the bullet seat.

Competition shooters know that top reloading occurs when the projectile is introduced in a separate or external speaker .

The micrometer is calibrated in 0.001 "increments of the exact seat depth and is adjustable (no stop). The micrometer also has an adjustment feature that allows you to set the micrometer to your rifle or a favorite seat depth.

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