Holster IPSC Alpha-X red DAA Lefty
Holster IPSC Alpha-X red DAA Lefty

Holster IPSC Alpha-X red DAA Lefty

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Holster Alpha-X to die stro with DAA logo. DOES NOT INCLUDE INSERTION, sold separately.

The Alpha-X holster is the result of experience and the incorporation of suggestions, seeking to provide the best performance, appearance and functionality.


Ball joint and locking mechanism.

The Alpha-X kneecap offers ample movement, allowing the shooter to position the holster at the desired angle. This holster incorporates a much larger bearing that is inserted into the holster by pressure, preventing it from squashing. The ball joint is located closer to the center of the holster to increase the strength and rigidity of the holster .

It has an easily accessible locking screw that allows the position of the holster even when in use.

Height adjustment.

The height of the holster is adjusted thanks to a built-in rail on the side of the body, giving a wide range of adjustment. The rail block is achieved by a dovetail mechanism.

Detachable belt Housing .

The belt housing is made up of two pieces that can be separated by removing only one screw. It allows the belt to be removed from the holster quickly, easily and without altering the position settings.

Interchangeable logo inserts.

Same insert as the Race Master holster .

Uses the same insertion mag netic than its predecessor, the Master Race.

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