Bolle Bandido transparent glasses
Bolle Bandido transparent glasses

Bolle Bandido transparent glasses

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Bolle Bandido transparent glasses

Goggle with a transparent lens made of ultra-resistant polycarbonate.

Protection: Associated risks

  • Mechanical risk: Low speed impact-F
  • Tem mechanical risk to external speaker ture extrema- T. authorize use for particles with tem external speaker extreme ture landazas at high speed.
  • Risks associated with optical radiation. EN 170- Filters for the protection of ultraviolet radiation. Good recognition of the colors in the user. This type of protection is recommended in activities in which the source of ultraviolet radiation is predominant.


  • Anti-fog: This treatment allows working in optimal conditions, suppressing the condensation effect that occurs due to differences in temperature, external speaker or by using a frame without ventilation.
  • Anti-scratch: It acts as a hardened shield that improves the resistance of the eyepieces and limits the formation of scratches. lengthens the life of the lenses and improves the vision comfort of users.

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