9 Glock 19 pistol 4th gen era
9 Glock 19 pistol 4th gen era

9 Glock 19 pistol 4th gen era

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9 Glock 19 pistol 4th gen era

The small dimensions compared to the size of the standard pistol, make the GLOCK 19 a multiple utility. With the proven 9x19 caliber it is widespread among law enforcement a gen cies around the world. In addition to its utility as a conventional duty weapon, it is suitable for carrying covered or as a second weapon. For example, many elite pilots in the US Air Force rely on the GLOCK 19 for their defense in critical situations.

Characteristics & characteristics

  • Total Length: 174mm
  • Barrel Length: 102mm
  • Trigger pressure: 2.5 Kg
  • Weight: 595 gr
  • Capacity: 15
  • Caliber: 9 parabellum

News of the 4th gen eraci & oacuten

  • Integral minced grip with greater grain size that facilitates the grip of the weapon.
  • Incorporation of mainspring housing s with interchangeable handles.
  • Larger dimension of magazine for easier activation.
  • Ambi die stra.
  • Dual spring recu external speaker for greater recoil damping.

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