Chronograph M2 CED
Chronograph M2 CED

Chronograph M2 CED

Brand CED
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Chronograph M2 CED
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New speed meter with advanced functions that provides more detailed information and a more professional use by the user.

Characteristics & Features :

& bull Very light and compact design
& bull Storage capacity for about 1000 shots with more than 500 series memorized
& bull Range between 50 and 7000 feet per second
& bull Reading of maximum, minimum, and calculation of the average of the shots made
& bull Edit and skip functions
& bull IPSC / IDPA factor calculation
& bull New data software included
& bull Measurement in feet / meters
& bull Results can be read and heard by voice chip.
& bull Control ON / OFF with auto power off function
& bull USB interface for data download to PC
& bull Low Battery Indicator
& bull Battery 9 Volt battery (not included)
& bull Tem external speaker ture (0c to + 50c)

All the necessary information displayed on the LCD screen .

& bull Custom display function
& bull Current speed
& bull Number of shots stored per series
& bull Low battery warning
& bull Error indicator

* Does not include tripod

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Marca CED

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