9 Glock 17 5th gen Pistol
9 Glock 17 5th gen Pistol

9 Glock 17 5th gen Pistol

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9 Glock 17 5th gen Pistol

The fifth gen combines the usual eration and renowned reliability always improves design to increase durability, accuracy and performance. They are based on the Glock M pistols used by the FBI and include features that Glock users have been demanding.

What's New in GEN5:

  • More resistance to shocks and falls.
  • Glock "Glock Markman Barrel" (GMB) precision barrel with a new barrel rifling.
  • Spring recu external speaker for longer length.
  • trigger weight reduction.
  • Handle without marked fingers.
  • Paddle NCA held fully ambi die stra.
  • Front and rear housing of the magazine housing, imitating a funnel, to facilitate the insertion / removal of the magazine .
  • NDLC exterior finish for increased strength and durability.


  • Caliber: 9x19
  • Barrel Dimension: 114mm / 4.49 "
  • Length: 202mm / 1.34 "
  • Thickness: 34mm / 1.34 "
  • Height: 156mm / 6.14mm
  • magazine capacity: 17 shots
  • Loaded Weight: 716g / 25.26OZ
  • Unloaded Weight: 911g / 32.14OZ
  • trigger weight: 26N

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