Bullet 22 50gr V-Max Hornady
Bullet 22 50gr V-Max Hornady

Bullet 22 50gr V-Max Hornady

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Bullet 22 50gr V-Max Hornady

The incredible fragmentation of the V-Max is due to the combination of an alloyed material jacket, a specially designed core and a polymer bullet . It is the best valued "Varmint" bullet on the market thanks to its sharp design and its polymer bullet with very taut trajectories. Match grade design provides maximum precision at any distance as well as a crushing burst even at speeds as low as 488 m / s (1600 fps)

The polymer bullet increases ballistic coefficient and expansion in a crash even at speeds as low as 1,600 feet. The V-Max profile offers maximum friction surface for greater stability in flight. The boat butt base provides incredible stability in flight for long distance shots.


  • Ballistic coefficient (G1): .242
  • Sectional Density: .142
  • Weight: 3,2g / 50 gr
  • Quantity: 100 u
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