Bullet 45 200gr HP / XTP Hornady
Bullet 45 200gr HP / XTP Hornady

Bullet 45 200gr HP / XTP Hornady

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Bullet 45 200gr HP / XTP Hornady
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Madrid Top Gun S.L.

Madrid, 28029
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Designed for hunting, personal defense and police use, this bullet has proven to be accurate enough for competitive shooting. Its features and safety make it the most popular bullet among shooters and hunters. But it is its stopping power that makes the bullet world famous. The bullet s are designed to expand safely over a wide range of handgun speeds providing always pro holster penetration.

The most bullet s handgun are designed to expand to a specific - speed while the XTP is to expand in a wide range of speeds.

Have controlled expansion even at low speeds, gen ered by precise cuts having the bullet the bullet, which divides it into symmetrical sections weakening shirt. The welded metal jacket protects the bullet from the bullet in such a way that the cavity acts at the moment of impact ensuring a correct feed in semi-automatic weapons. The weight of the core is evenly distributed, which also ensures controlled expansion as well as stability in flight. With crimping grooves that help to achieve a good crimp, they are made before the final preforming to eliminate distortions in the final finish.


  • Diameter: .451 "
  • Weight: 13g / 200 gr
  • Ballistic coefficient: .151
  • Sectional Density: .140
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