Revolver 357 SW 627 5 "
Revolver 357 SW 627 5

Revolver 357 SW 627 5 "

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Revolver 357 SW 627 5 "

S&W revolvers are unmatched. Each of them is versatile, accurate, easy to shoot, and a pleasure to yourself. From smooth double action to single action output, its innovative cylinder ensures accuracy and precision.

S & W also has more weapons for shooters exi gen tes both travel and precision, designed to give the best of themselves, with sights more exact, the trigger is softer and with maximum precision.

The frame are, of any size, are forged and subjected to a heat treatment that ensures long life and great resistance.

The Performance Center seeks to improve each weapon, perfecting its performance and characteristics to the maximum, giving it different styles both in details such as sights or grip as well as trying to perfect its mechanics, bringing to the market different variants and faces of each model that do not leave indifferent to die .


Caliber: .357MAG / .38 + P
Action: single / double
Capacity: 8 Bullets
Barrel length: 12.7 cm.
sight Point: Gold Bead Front
Rear Sight : Adjustable
Grip : Wood. Rubber Grip included
Trigger : 798.72cm Chrome with stop on travel
Hammer : Chrome Tear Drop with Pinned Sear
Frame: Large
Matte finish
Total length: 24.1 cm.
Material: stainless steel
Empty weight: 1,247.40 gr.

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