Pellet is 5.5 Prometheus Excite HN (200)
Pellet is 5.5 Prometheus Excite HN (200)

Pellet is 5.5 Prometheus Excite HN (200)

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Lightweight and without p mainspring housing

These lightweight pellet without mainspring housing offer the best performance in air rifle without choke that do not develop more than 16 joules of muzzle energy. It should not be used in weapons with a pellet top punch .

They belong to the Green line pellet line, since they are manufactured with raw materials based on tin, zinc and plastic, avoiding the use of the mainspring housing throughout the manufacturing process.


  • Gauge : 5.5mm
  • Weight : 0.58 g
  • Min. Energy: 7.5 J
  • Minimum distance : 20m
  • Quantity : 200 units
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EAN 1175500300017
Marca H&N

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