Payment methods

You can make the payment of your order in TOPGUN.ES through the following:

Payment with paypal

You can make the payment by paypal through our site.

Cash on delivery payment

Cash on delivery shipments, you pay the order when the courier delivers it at your destination . This payment takes a 3% additional cost from the total order (without VAT) with a minimum purchase of € 3.25 (without VAT), being the quantity charged by the courier for the management. Received the request for your order, it will be processed and sent to you, not having to pay anything in advance. If the client does not want the order once it has been sent, it must pay the shipping and return costs. According to the spanish electronic commerce law 34/2002, any online purchase must be accepted after has been sent. This payment method is only valid for Spain-penisula and you must provide your phone number.

Payment by credit / debit card

You can comfortably pay with your credit or debit card, Visa, Visa Electron and Mastercard through the secure payment gateway. The CSS secure payment is developed by VISA and Mastercard and makes possible to do secure online purchases authentificating the buyer as the legitimate holder of the card used.

TOPGUN.ES does not keep any data information about the card used except the cardholder's name. These data are processed exclusively with the bank gateway so when you have make the payment we only get the compliance. The selected products on our website will be reserved pending to get the confirmation of your payment. If we do not receive payment within 3 working days, your order will be canceled.

Bank transfer or bank account deposit

Orders made by bank transfer or account deposit will be processed once we recieve the money into our account, then the delivery time will start to count. You have to make a bank transfer into our account for the total amount of the order. Our bank details will be provided at the time of validating the order.

In the transfer you must indicate the order number that is automatically generated by the system. The products selected in your order will be reserved pending receipt of payment.

In case of not receiving payment within 3 working days, your order will be canceled.

If TOPGUN.ES detects any fraudulent operation, it will immediately notify the corresponding authorities. All TOPGUN.ES products include 21% VAT.