Bushing 7mm (.312 ") titanium REDDING
Bushing 7mm (.312

Bushing 7mm (.312 ") titanium REDDING

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Bushing 7mm-312 titanium neck
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Busing with different measures for a personalized sizing of the case neck

Because each bedroom is different, Reeding created this in gen ioso system for sizing ibrar neck as seeking maximum precision.

When in a proper case , that is to say, fired in your rifle, the body does not sizing , it allows a greater concentricity of the projectile with the taking of grooves. This neck-only sizing option has shown greater accuracy on bolt-action weapons (not recommended for semi-automatic rifles).

Among the different manufacturers of reloading material, we find an exclusive Redding design that allows the sizing shooter to open the neck of his case different measures through the use of different bushing.

This practice, used by great shooters, has shown great efficiency in high precision.

The shooter has to understand that the sizing Ibrado neck with die gen Erico can not provide maximum accuracy, not even the constant use of a particular measure of bushing who has demonstrated accuracy is valid. The continued use of his weapon constantly expands the interior of the chamber and he is forced to use bushing of superior measures.

For example: in the .308 caliber bushing can be used ranging from .335 to .343.

Initially and as a standard measure we can take the reloading cartridge and measure its neck externally. We subtract one or two thousandths of an inch from the resulting measurement. For example: if the neck with the inserted projectile measures .340 the initial bushing would be .338 or .339. The tests will determine if the precision is satisfactory.

The bushing used for one rifle does not necessarily have to be valid for another.

The ranges of the different bushing can be seen on the manufacturer's website: http: redding-reloading.comonline-catalog58-bushing-range-chart

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