Kit 6 bullet comparators HORNADY

Kit 6 bullet comparators HORNADY

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Kit 6 Hornady bullet comparators
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Measuring the length of the finished cartridge is not an accurate method when using different bullet . In fact, often include variations of up to 0.25 "/ 0.65mm between a cartridge and another. This solves the problem my comparator die NDO the distance to the start of the ogive of the bullet . In turn is used to measure the uniform of ls reloading s between the base and the warhead There is an adapter to use the gauge for this task.

The dial gauge is attached to the gauge by means of a simple attachment and uses interchangeable bushing to measure the warheads. There are 14 bushing available, ranging from .17 to .45 gauge.

Used in conjunction with the LCT comparator, the bullet comparator is the most accurate when it comes to finished cartridge measurement. The bullet comparator perfectly aligns the CTL meter to the gauge for an accurate measurement. This method allows the direct comparison of your loads, so that you can establish the free bore of each one.

This reference corresponds to the basic set and contains the dial gauge and 6 inserts for the diameters: .224 "(5.56mm), .243" (6mm), .257 ", .277", .284 "(7mm), .308 "(7.62 & 8mm)

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