Black RTS2 / 2011 DAA mount
Black RTS2 / 2011 DAA mount

Black RTS2 / 2011 DAA mount

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Black RTS2 / 2011 DAA mount

Aluminum mount for the installation of the C-More RTS 2 red dot sight Optic sight . It is designed to fit the pistol slide as closely as possible, leaving only 2mm of gap between the mount and the top of a flat slide . It also incorporates a small projection on the front to avoid reflections from the barrel and a base to support the adjustable thumb.

Once installed it allows the use of a slide shooter without any problem.

Due to the variation of screws and thread pitches from different weapon suppliers, set screws are not included.

The height of the bracket from the center of the mounting holes to the bottom of the deck is 29.8mm.

* Optic sight red dot sight C-More RTS 2 not included in price.

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