9 STI Trojan 5 "pistol black
9 STI Trojan 5

9 STI Trojan 5 "pistol black

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9 STI Trojan 5 "pistol black

For target practice, precision shooting, duty use, plinking, bianchi or for self defense, you will not find a longer sight radius provided by 6 & rdquo.

Built based on the classic design of the mythical 1911, the STI Trojan pistol maintains the traditional design of the 1911 along with the most advanced construction standards, thus obtaining an exceptional weapon for both competition, duty or as well as for personal defense. With adjustable Bomar-type sights, it is ideally suited to compete in USPSA ,, or PPC. The Trojan is built on the frame of the 1911. It has a precise marking (stippled type) on the front and a 30 lpi punch on the back of the grip and has a lowered trigger guard. The safety s available are a safety manual on one side of the weapon and the safety handle, on the back of it in the shape of a beaver tail, which does not allow the shot if it is not pressed. As characteristics of the slide, the front and rear ejector can be highlighted, as well as a widened ejector window for better ejection of the bushings. 6 & rdquo barrel with ramp and a ring in the mouth of firm support that will allow us to obtain match grade results.

It comes with a STI commander-type hammer, patented STI trigger system, STI S-7 sear and titanium reinforcements for a smoother and safety. The Trojan has a matte blue finish. The combination of all these characteristics together with the exceptional STI guarantee will allow you to adapt this weapon to all types of uses, both leisure and professional.


- Caliber: 9mm
- Frame: One-piece steel with tank for magazine single stack. Steel marking on the front of the grip.
- Handle: with STI logo, chopped, cocobolo, standard width.
- Slide: Classic 5 '' low profile
- slide: front and rear serrated.
- Trigger: long curved STI
- Barrel: with support ring (bushing)
- Safety s: Safety STI with handle and safety manual on one side.
- spring guide: one-piece STI steel
- Sights: rear sight adjustable in height and drift.
- Total length: 21.56cm
- Weight: 1020gr
- Finish: Blue ado
- Specialties: IPSC, USPSA, IDPA, SSSA.

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