1M CSB powder
1M CSB powder

1M CSB powder

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Equivalent to Vectam BA-9

The CSB1M powder is optimal for use in reloading metallic ammunition, it is characterized by its regularity and precision, it is equivalent to Vectam BA-9 . It is a smokeless powder, cleaning ia and easy to burn due to its internal pores and the exact size of each grain.

Each batch of powder marketed undergoes a rigorous quality control to verify the physical, chemical and ballistic always so is the speed and accuracy is obtained external speaker days.

Content: 0.5 kg

Gunpowder and primer not be mailed. They can only be purchased in stores with the reloading authorization issued by the Civil Guard and in the quantities provided for in Article 104 of the Regulations for pyrotechnic articles and cartridges.

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