Pistol 9 Walther PPS
Pistol 9 Walther PPS

Pistol 9 Walther PPS

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Pistol 9 Walther PPS

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The flattest front-line pistol on the market (almost 1 cm thinner than any front-line compact).

Heir to the mythical PPK but with more powerful calibers and adjustable handle mainspring housing.

This weapon is the successor to the gen daria PPK & ndash The Police Handgun. Despite being a 9x19 caliber weapon, the PPS pistol is extremely slim in dimensions & ndash within the classic Walther design.

Currently the PPS has more power than the Walther PPK with almost the same dimensions.

Its characteristics make it the ideal tool to carry discreetly.


- Caliber: 9 para./40 S&W.
- Length: 161 mm.
- Height: 112 mm.
- Width: 23 mm.
- Weight: 550 grs.
- Distance between sights: 137 mm.
- trigger weight: 2,700 g.
- Mainspring housing s grip: Interchangeable.
- Gun lock: The gun can be locked by simply removing the mainspring housing from the grip.
- Visual indicator of armed firing pin .
- Visual perception of a bullet in the chamber.
- Picatinny rail for laser and / or flashlight.
- Possibility of three magazine is (6,7 and 8 shots) come with two magazine is standard: 6T and 7T.
- Paddle nca de retained from magazine ambi die stra.
- ABS case.

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