Bullet 6,5mm 125gr Nosler partition (50u.)
Bullet 6,5mm 125gr Nosler partition (50u.)

Bullet 6,5mm 125gr Nosler partition (50u.)

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50 units.

Each bullet in the partition line has a dual-core pointed design, with precise length and weight to offer optimum flight performance and maximum penetration.


  • The special dual-core mainspring housing alloy provides superior spreading characteristics at all impact speeds.
  • Its tapered copper alloy sleeve causes it to break at the top as soon as the impact occurs. However, the gradual thickening of the coating allows control of expansion at all test speeds.
  • The dual core allows the top of the bullet to open and the back to remain intact. This increases the penetration power, since the rear core retains more than two-thirds of the original weight of the bullet.
  • Crimp lines to resist pressure deformation.
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